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Play 3D movies on ANT VR for viewing through Lenovo K4 Note

Sammary: In this guide, we will show you how to Play 3D movies on ANT VR for viewing through Lenovo K4 Note, playing the movie on to your computer if you prefer to keep the digital instead.

Sometimes you may want to Ant VR by Lenovo K4 to view some of the latest released 3D movies and animation, but you may find that nothing happened. Why? these files play correctly on your tablets, iPhone, etc. Then ,check the Ant VR, file shows in it. Also check the Lenovo K4, you find the Lenovo K4 supported Ant VR playing. It is strange?

Part: 1 How to play 3D movies on Ant VR through Lenovo K4 Note?

If the the 3D movies formats supported by Ant VR. there are two ways to watch your 3D movies content in the Ant VR through Lenovo K4 Note.

First you should enter Micro SD card file directory and then manage to Oculus > Movies > Your Movies, Inside "Your Movies" file you should create a new one named "3D".In this folder you should place your side-by-side 3D videos.

Next directly to copy your 3D movies files to  "Your Movies" in directories, then you launch Ant VR, 3D movies should automatically appear in the “My Videos” section. Prepared put Lenovo K4 Note on Ant VR.

Eventually you can enjoy the wonders of virtual space travel.

Part:2 The reason to can't play 3D movies on Ant VR through Lenovo K4 Note

The fact that different 3D movies files come with different video and audio codecs, Such as:MKV, MP4, MOV, WMV,AVI, etc. and different formats: Side-By-Side, Anaglyph, Top-Bottom. Since the Ant VR does’t understand the encoding in the content on 3D movies. So you should choose the supported files by Ant VR. In the picture above, you can conclude 3D movies format(with MP4 video and AAC audio codec)that a good choice. Now, you just need a video converter to convert files into 3D movies Side-By-Side format with MP4 video and AAC audio codec.

Part:3 How to play 3D movies to on ANT VR Unsupported formats for viewing through Lenovo K4 Note ? 

To fluency play 3D movies on Ant VR through Lenovo K4 without format restrictions. Fortunately, you can choose a good video converter Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate from among the market that are available.  Now, you can free download it as a try


Other Download:
- Pavtube old official address:
- Cnet Download:

Imagine getting Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate a top original video converter program that's fast and easy to use, works with multiple formats (MP4, MKV, MOV, AVC, HD - MTS, FLV, etc.), doesn't cost much and delivers super crisp professionally convert 3D Movies without loosing quality after conversion. it can change 3D Movies format into another MKV, MP4, MOV, WMV,AVI, etc. While preserving its integrity and preserve virtually all of the quality of the original source. Arguably the biggest strength of this video converter program is the ability to handle virtually any file type which makes it perfect for editors to pull video from many different sources, also the ability to convert and extract audio files with ease.

Perhaps the most notable strength of Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is the ability to convert any movie you have to the 3D movies and create a realistic 3D world appearance thanks to being able to control the depth that you want in the video.What's more, it's also a huge time saver, 6x faster speed while keeping outstanding quality.

Part:4 Convert 3D movies on ANT VR for viewing through Lenovo K4 Note supported

Part 1:Load Files

Drag files to the software interface to import the file, batch conversion is supported so you can add multiple files to convert at a time.

Part 2: Set Output Format For Supported By Ant VR

Clicking the Format bar, Click Format bar to select 3D movies Side-By-Side format with MP4 video and AAC audio codec from 3D Video profile, which can be viewed on ANT VR for viewing through Lenovo K4 perfectly.

Tips: the 3D movies Side-By-Side type of Half-widthand Full, select the one you like. 

Part 3: Additional Bonuses

Attach SRT, ASS, or SSA subtitles into original video to create the personal movie for watching. If you want add Subtitles(srt, ass, ssa) to your movie for playing on Sharp TV. (Subtitle FAQs)You also can adjust aspect ratio, bit rate, etc.

Part 4: Convert Files Content to SBS 3D MP4.

Click “Convert” button, video to SBS 3D MP4 conversion begins. When the process finishes, open the output folder to locate.

Can always change some parameters of resolution, compression, audio, etc. - See more at: So you can free change target video size, bitrate, frame rate and 3D depth in “Settings”。

By the way, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate additionally supplies some useful edit functions for you to enhance your video then you can get a better 3D visual entertainment. 

Overall, to play 3D movies on Ant VR through Lenovo K4,you simply slip the band over your eyes, cover your ears with the headphones, and watch or play your content on the retina-quality display.

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