Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How to Watch 3D Movies In Home Theater?

3D gets more and more common, no matter on cinema, but also in home theater. After all, not every one like the environment in cinema, where it is filled with the noise of lovers' whispering and popcorn chewing. So if you want a really cool 3D experience at home, what do you need in your Home Theater to watch 3D?

Thing 1: A 3D TV or 3D Projector

Many TV manufactures have updated their main TV mode to support 3D. All 3D-enabled Televisions and Projectors will be able to work with the 3D standards now approved for Blu-ray and over-the-air, Cable, and Satellite transmission. (Tips: 3D TV Buying Guide)

Thing 2: A 3D Blu-ray player, HD-Cable, or HD-Satellite Box

Some old Blu-ray players you have possibly can't play 3D content. So please make sure that you have enabled your current Blu-ray player to support 3D via a downloadable firmware upgrade or just buy a new one current Blu-ray Disc players made 3D-capable.

Thing 3: 3D Content

No 3D content, your 3D TV, 3D Projector or 3D Blu-ray player will means nothing. With the recent adoption of the 3D Blu-ray Disc standards, there should be some releases available at the same time that 3D TVs and Blu-ray Disc players and, I would hope, the firmware upgrade for many existing players become available. Also, you can download some 3D movies from 3D YouTube channel or YIFI site.

Thing 4: 3D Glasses

3D Glasses is the most component in Home Theater to watch 3D content. There are two kinds of 3D glasses on the market currently: Passive or Active. simply to tell, passive type glasses are inexpensive to manufacture and would probably cost consumers $5 to $25 for each pair depending on the frame style, while active type of glasses are also more expensive than passive polarized glasses, ranging in price from $75 to $150 depending on the manufacturer.

Additional tip: How to set up Home theater?

In a basic setup that includes an television, AV receiver, a Blu-ray Disc or DVD player, and a VCR (or DVD recorder), below is an example of one approach. However, keep in mind the example below is only one of several possibilities. Specific setup variations are dictated by the capabilities and connections available on the specific components being used.

Here's How:

1. Connect your satellite, cable, or antenna to your VCR (or DVD recorder) and then to the television. This will allow both your television and your VCR (or DVD recorder) to be able to receive broadcast, cable, or satellite signals, depending on what service you have.

Note: If you have both a VCR and DVD recorder, you should have the incoming cable, satellite, or antenna signal split and connected to them separately, not from one to the other.

2. Connect the audio and video outputs of your VCR or DVD recorder to your AV receiver's VCR video inputs (if you have both a VCR and DVD recorder, use the AV receiver's VCR1 connections for the VCR and the VCR2 connections for the DVD recorder).

3. In turn, if your AV receiver has a set of audio and video outputs associated with inputs labeled "VCR" (also referred to as a VCR connection loop), connect those outputs to the audio and video inputs of your VCR or DVD recorder. This will allow your VCR or DVD recorder to record video signals that come through the AV receiver.

Note: Where you have both a VCR and DVD recorder connected to the AV receiver, you can dub non-copyprotected video tapes and DVDs between the two units via the AV receiver.

More tips:

1. Many Blu-ray discs have region codes, which can't be played simply on your old Blu-ray player. In this case, you don't need to change your Blu-ray to a new one. Pavtube BDMagic and BDMagic for Mac can easily rip any encrypted and region-locked Blu-ray to 3D MP4/MKV for your 3D TV or 3D Projector. (Here is the review)

Pavtube BDMagic Download:

Pavtube BDMagic for Mac Download:

2. When you download some 3D content from YIFY or YouTube 3D channel but fail to play them, the biggest reason must be the format issue. You just need Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate and iMedia Converter for Mac re-encode them to the suitable 3D format. (Here is the review)

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate Download:

iMedia Converter for ac download:

Note: Both the Mac version have updated to support the newest Mac OS X El Capitan system so that you can create 3D content or convert 3D content on all Mac OS X systems with them.

All of the softwares are 100% clean and easy-to-use with just 3 clicks ("File" to add source video, "Format" to select 3D format and "Convert" to finish the process) and get the excellent 3D MP4/MKV/AVI/MOV/WMV content output. In "Settings" window, you will be allowed to adjust video and audio parameters and 3D depth and preview the output video size in the chart below. What's more, you even can add subtitles, trim video footages, crop unwanted area and so on. They will be your best partner in Home Theater to watch 3D movies.

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