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How to play DVD to Oculus Rift Kit Dk2 with lossless

Q: “Which is the best software for ripping DVD to Oculus Rift Kit Dk2? I recently bought a DVD audio of Tears for Fears release "The Hurting", and unlike some titles it didn't come with a free download for playing on Oculus Rift Kit Dk2 , so I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good software that will allow me to convert the DVD movies via Oculus Rift Kit Dk2. I'd prefer it be fairly simple to use, if anything like that exists out there.” 


How to ripping DVD and remove protections to play Oculus Rift Kit Dk2, which is certainly enough functionality for regular movie watchers who wants to protect their DVD collections by making backup copies. Aficionados and movie buffs will appreciate DVD All-In-One software that bundles the entire product line into one package for less. This DVD ripping converter have simple user interfaces that are easy to navigate. 

Life always offers you with thousands of choices, and what you have to do is taking one. The same is true when it comes to choosing a 3D VR headset from the variety. From the perspective of a consumer, you would prefer Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 which can replace my movie theatre where you can watch some downloaded movies. 

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DVD ripping continues to be a popular choice for consumers, and reviewers have noted that it can successfully copy even damaged DVDs, concluding that DVD ripping rapidly handles all its tasks. It also gives you the option to copy a DVD onto multiple discs, which is convenient if you need to split a movie from a DVD between two discs with less storage space. Other options include retaining or omitting DVDs' extra bonus content. 

Lucky for all of us, as long as you rip the DVD, extract the contents out of The Walking Dead TV series DVD, and convert to an Oculus Rift-approved video format, you then can put the DVD file to play on DK2. With Virtual Desktop, or ORPlayer, Stereoscopic Player, SBS 3D Video Player, VR Player, etc., all our PC content in the Rift, just launch the movie. 

Here we've outlined exactly what you need to rip The Walking Dead TV series DVD to a manageable file for watching on Oculus Rift DK2. A professional DVD ripper for Rift DK2- Pavtube DVDAid is the best choice for you. It can legally remove copy protection from commercial DVD and effectively change it to 3D SBS video for Oculus Rift DK2 with original video quality. The software is frequently updated to cut through the copy protection on the latest DVDs. In addition, it allows you to customize and edit your The Walking Dead TV series DVD videos before converting to SBS MP4 format like trimming, cropping, adding effect/watermarks, inserting subtitles. The equivalent Mac version is Pavtube DVDAid Mac. Now download the right version on your computer and follow the tips below to finish your task. 

Free download and install: 


Other Download: 
- Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/dvd_ripper/ 
- Cnet Download: http://download.cnet.com/Pavtube-DVDAid/3000-7970_4-76158510.html 

Simple Steps to Rip The DVD to Oculus Rift Kit Dk2 

Step 1. Load The DVD to converter 

Install and launch the best DVD to DK2 Converter on your PC and then click "Load file(s)" button to load movies from The DVD. After the movies are loaded, you can preview them on the right viewing window and adjust volume or take snapshots freely. 


Step 2. Select output format 

Click "Format" and select "MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video (*.mp4)" from "3D Video" category as the output format. It works on Oculus Rift DK2 perfectly. 


Tip: Click Settings to adjust the parameters like video codec, video bitrate, video frame rate, audio sample rate, audio channel. 1920x1080 compressed side-by-side 3D should be resampled to 1920x540 resolution full side-by-side resolution. For ripping DVD to view on Oculus Rift DK2, 2D/3D videos for the Cinema app should be in 720p (1280*720) with a higher bitrate around 5mbit/s. And keep audio in AAC or MP3. 


Step 3. Start to convert DVD for Oculus Rift DK2 

After all the above settings have done, click "Conversion" button on the main interface and start DVD to Oculus Rift DK2 conversion. You don't need to keep waiting for the conversion done if you have other things to do, just click the Shut down computer after conversion. 


Play converted movies on Oculus Rift DK2 

Unlike the Gear VR, the Oculus Rift DK2 is connected to a PC with wires. Here are the solutions for how to import converted movies or TV shows onto Oculus Rift DK2 for viewing. 

1. Download and install VLC Player 
2. Download and install VR Player 
3. Then download the DK2 Tracker (Hosted here case it is removed from where I got it from) for motion tracking with the player 
4. Expand the .zip and copy to the following location (or wherever you installed VR Player): C:Program Files (x86)VR PlayerTrackers 
5. Open up VR player and set the tracker that you just copied as follows: 


Depending on the content you wish to view you have a few options. Here are some examples: 

Set up Oculus as extended Desktop the Rift Display Mode program 
Ensure your windows monitor is setup so your rift is secondary. 
For 3D movies such as Big Hero 6: 
Menu - Media - Format - Side By Side 
Menu - Media - Projection - Plane 
If your movie is not 3D 
Menu - Media - Format - Mono 
Menu - Media - Projection - Plane 
To open a movie select: 
Menu - File - Open File - With VLC 
Browse to your selected movie. 
Now that the movie is running you need to move the video screen onto your Oculus screen. 
In my case the Oculus is my second monitor to the left. So I hit these keys: 
Hit Windows Key + Cursor Key Left (Do this twice, this moves the window to your Oculus) 
Hit Windows Key + Cursor Key Up (This maximizes the window) 
Put on headphones and enjoy! 
How awesome is this?! DK2 + VLC + DVD Ripper: The Best 3D Home Theater Experience! 

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Pavtube ByteCopy : The best Blu-ray/DVD to Lossless MKV solution, is a powerful program with the ability of backing up Blu-ray/DVD collection to multi-track MKV without quality loss, ripping BD/DVD movies to MP4 and MOV with multiple audio streams, and converting BD/DVD from hard discs to virtually any popular video and audio format so that you can freely watch movies on Apple iOS devices, Android OS devices, Windows RT/Pro devices, HDTV, 3D TVs, PSP, PS4, PS3, Plex, WDTV Live, Roku 3 and more devices. In recent update, ByteCopy can support ripping Blu-ray/DVD movie to H.265/HEVC MP4 with better video quality compared to H.264 MP4 in same profile presets. At the meantime, this multi-track Blu-ray/DVD converter can be considered as a user-friendly movie editing tool with the professional functions to trim, crop, merge, insert subtitles, export srt/ass/ssa subtitles, add video effects in the destination movie.

Pavtube BDMagic : Convert 2D Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and standard DVD to SD, High-Definition formats or even create 3D videos with excellent video/audio quality in fast conversion speed. This BD/DVD to video workaround could output various video and audio formats, like H.265/HEVC, MKV, MP4, MOV, DivX, AVI, MP3, FLAC, etc so you can make a duplicate copy for your video collection, or share movies on numbers of popular media players,like Apple media devices, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows media players, various smartphones and more. Besides, you can easily customize Blu-ray DVD collection to export desired movies in your own patent. 

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