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Top Tips for Quick DVD Copying or Ripping

Summary: Here are some tips to help you create a quick DVD copy so you can move on to the rest of your day or night. 

Whether you are backing up a DVD for personal use, copying a home DVD from a friend or family member to have a copy for yourself or creating digital copies for travel purposes, you don't want to sit at your computer for hours waiting for the copy to be complete. So how do you get a quick DVD copy while maintaining optimal quality? 

If you, like the majority of American citizens, enjoy being involved in a number of activities or organizations, you will more than likely find yourself in a hurry to get things done and get out the door. One of the tasks that most users want to go by quickly is DVD copying. 

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DVD replication pay attention to several aspects of the Four Factors 

Computer Hardware 

Having updated computer hardware will greatly increase your overall DVD copy time. The DVD drive installed in your computer tower, along with the processor and the memory are all huge players in speeding up or slowing down your copies. DVD drives play a major role because different DVD drives offer varying speeds. You will want to select a drive that offers the best possible speed for reading DVDs. 

In addition to the DVD drive, the processor also heavily effects the overall copy time because it determines the speed at which your computer can process information. The faster the processor, the quicker your computer can read applications and provide results. The available memory allows your computer to take in information. If the memory is full, your computer will not be able to process any information because it will have nowhere to store it. These are three of the largest aspects to obtaining the quickest DVD copy time. 


A large part of getting more done in less time is the age-old art of multitasking. Chances are that if you want to copy a DVD quickly, there are additional items on your daily to-do list that need to be done. However, you should not use your computer for other tasks while trying to burn DVD copies in a hurry. 

While computers are capable of running a number of applications at a single time, it doesn't always mean that the applications are running as fast or as well as they could if they were the only application running. Shut down your apps and let your DVD copy software do its job. You will notice a drop in the estimated completion time, and you will have fewer errors in the process. 

Disc Quality 

If you try to copy a DVD that has been scratched or has gotten dirty, expect the overall copy process to take longer. Your will need to bypass error messages to move forward with your copies, and some applications may restart the copy or seize copying because they cannot read the disc. While there is little that you can do for a scratched DVD, some DVD copy applications are designed to mend and copy scratched DVDs. You can and should make sure that your DVDs are clean before inserting them into your computer for a copy. Clean your DVDs carefully so that you don't scratch them in the process. 

DVD Copy Software 

Last but not least, selecting the best DVD copy software is important for faster DVD copies. While the applications do not play as large of a role as the hardware, choosing the right software can assist in or deter from a quicker copy. If you plan to copy a majority of commercial DVDs either to watch in a different format or just to have as a backup make sure that you select the application that has little to no restrictions on copying commercial DVDs. The restrictions could potentially add more time to your copies, and some applications won't allow you to make copies of encrypted DVDs at all. 

By implementing these tips for quick DVD copies, you should find that your DVD copy time has dropped and you are able to get more done in less time. If you find yourself copying DVDs often, we recommend updating your computer hardware and spending the money for a reliable DVD copy application. Don't forget to make sure that your DVDs are clean and unscratched, and you will reach optimum copy times. 

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Top 1. Pavtube DVDAid 

Pavtube DVDAid take place the discs in a safety deposit box. Films can be ripped to your hard drive in as little as five minutes, though the average time for a full-length movie hovers between 15 and 25 minutes. It copies DVDs at a 1:1 quality ratio, allows you to add subtitles, contains built-in CSS decryption, allows users to rip to most mobile platforms, and comes with one of the fastest burn speeds available on the market today.

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Top 2. Slysoft AnyDVD 

It is able to remove the copy protection found on commercial discs and easily create a high quality copy of your DVD movies for watching on a number of devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and more. It is a little disappointing when it comes to the time it takes to copy a DVD, about an hour to rip a full movie, almost 35 minutes lagging behind Slysoft AnyDVD. But anyway this is by no means the longest time in our test of such Mac DVD ripper softwares. It's the best regarding to the DVD decrypting ability.


Pavtube DVDAid ($17.5)
Slysoft AnyDVD ($49)
Copy Object
DVD disc/folder/IFO file/ISO Image file
DVD sources with copy protection
Blu-ray files/sources
Main Features
Conversion to other video formats
NVIDIA CUDA/AMD APP acceleration
Video preview
Editing functions
Free renewal & upgrade
Full disk copy
Directly copy (main movie)
Forced subtitles
Batch conversion
Support & Help

Pavtube is an excellent tool for decrypting, ripping and converting your DVD movies. The quality of the copy is second to none, and the interface is accessible to almost all users. However, the time it takes to create these results and the lack of burning functionality keep this software out of the top tier of our review.


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