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The Hassle-Free Guide to Ripping Blu-ray to ZTE Axon 7 mini

Summary: The page aim to help you Play blu-ray Movies on ZTE Axon 7 mini Supported Formats. Hopefully by the time you finish reading. 

ZTE Axon 7 mini became the smartphone manufacturer with the launch of its ZTE Axon, featuring a blu-ray display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels based on SID Standard and enables all video and image content to be enjoyed in blu-ray resolution. This feature actually sways consumers more to buy this phone. With this brilliant blu-ray smart phone in hand, maybe you can’t wait to experience blu-ray video enjoyment on ZTE Axon 7 mini. Except viewing blu-ray video on ZTE Axon 7 mini from the third party blu-ray streaming sites, you also can put your blu-ray movies outside to ZTE Axon 7 mini via MicroSD card for watching. 

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Speaking of transferring local blu-ray videos to ZTE Axon 7 mini, you have to ensure the video format is in the list of ZTE Axon 7 mini supported formats. If so, just attach the blu-ray video to your ZTE Axon 7 mini as the steps below. It is said that claims that the phone can accept a external MicroSD card up to 200GB. 

1. Plug your ZTE Axon 7 mini into your computer. Do this with the cable supplied with your device, most likely a micro USB cable. 

2. When the menu option window pops up, choose “Open device to view files” option; this will make the device show up in the Windows file explorer as a removable storage drive. Note: If you’re phone doesn’t show up properly, go to the settings and select “Connect as media device (MTP)” or similar. This is normally accessible from the drop down notification menu if the device is plugged into a PC. 

3. Drag and drop the files from your machine onto your ZTE Axon 7 mini with the Windows File Explorer. 

If the blu-ray video you already have is a unpopular format, you can transcode it to a ZTE supported format with a blu-ray Video Converter. Here, Pavtube ByteCopy is recommended strongly. This all-in-one blu-ray converting tool is surely in the support of converting blu-ray videos in any formats faultlessly. It can transcode blu-ray videos downloaded in various format and blu-ray to ZTE Axon 7 mini in suitable format with high resolution. Besides, it allows you to adjust video and audio parameters as you like, like downscaling blu-ray to 1080p. (Reviews

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Transcode Unsupported blu-ray Video To ZTE Axon 7 mini Supported Format? 

Step 1: Add source blu-ray video 

If it is disc, just click “Load from disc” on the main UI to import blu-ray video to the app. Otherwise, hit on “Add Video/Audio” to add the source blu-ray video to the blu-ray video to ZTE Axon 7 mini software. 

Step 2: Choose right output format

According to the supported format of ZTE Axon 7 mini, you can choose MKV, AVI, etc from “HD Video” or “Common Video”. In addition, you can choose “Android Phones 1080p Video(*.mp4)” from “Android” profile as the target fromat.

Tip: Actually, ZTE Axon 7 mini can play the video shot itself and blu-ray video from blu-ray streaming site in blu-ray resolution. Many other content is displayed at 1080P or lower resolution in order to optimise the performance and battery stamina for this device, ensuring you can enjoy the blu-ray resolution when you need it most. So sometimes, you should consider to downscale blu-ray to 1080p, the standard video pixel currently. Press on “Settings” next to the “Format” bar and you can do the processing.

Step 3: Start transcode conversion

Remember which one the destination folder is, or just click “setting” to set a new one to save the converted media files. Then hit “Convert” to start converting blu-ray video to your ZTE Axon 7 mini.

Open the output folder to locate the transcoded or downscaled blu-ray video to ZTE Axon 7 mini as the steps aforementioned. Now, you should be able to play original unsupported blu-ray video on ZTE Axon 7 mini. 

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